Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What's New?

We’ve tried to ensure the site is as easy to use as possible, by adding a lot of new navigation prompts you’ll have access to all areas of our site when you are on each and every page. Our new improved dropdown navigation menu located on the top of every page offers links to the core features of the site, with added links situated within the footer area for secondary items.

Searching the site should be a lot easier for you also with the addition of a search the entire site option located within the dropdown menu and advanced search options attached to the main vehicle search area. If you come across a search criteria that doesn’t bring back any results, you can opt for our car finder which will then save your criteria and send you an email once the vehicle of choice has came into stock. You have control over how many emails you would like to receive as well as very easy to use cancellation options.

You will notice a completely new offer gallery throughout the site. We have a latest offer highlighter box on all relevant pages, and when there is a need to have related offers, showing you similar deals based on your search criteria these will also be highlighted for you in the left hand column.

We have also added a News and Events section to keep you in the loop with what is happening in the motoring world. Simply click on the News tab within the navigation menu or select your preferred category from the dropdown to view all news. We also have a daily latest news scroller feature on the homepage.

If you’re on a page that you feel someone else you know would benefit from reading there are multiple ways of sending the information to your friends and family, we offer direct links to Twitter and Facebook as well as a global Share button offering tweeting the page or posting it to your Facebook pages.

You will also have access to a lot of video content designed to offer you informative and specialist advice on the related topic.

What’s Changed?

One of the first things you’ll notice is the fact that the site has had a makeover, in terms of both structure and design. This is to make the site faster to load and easier to navigate.

How do I report a mistake, broken link or technical fault on the Bristol Street Commercials website?

If you come across any issues/faults when browsing our site please let us know by sending an email or alternatively filling out the form located on the contact us page, ensuring you select feedback from the dropdown list.

Service Plan FAQs

What does the Service Plan cover?

Your plan will cover MOT, Service, parts, labour and VAT.

Is the plan discounted?

Yes we have set the plan discounted on today’s prices and there is the advantage of inflation free over the term of your plan.

What about courtesy services?

All courtesy service applies as normal.

When do you take the first payment?

The first payment will be taken 30 days from registration.

Will the payment ever be increased?

No your payments will be fixed for the term of your plan.

Can I pay up front for my plan?

Yes you can pay upfront by card and receive an extra £20 discount.

What happens if I change my car?

We can transfer any remaining funds onto your new vehicle.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes you can cancel your plan at any time. Remember this is not a contract it is a service.